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Unlock your understanding of the Bible.  Access 100 bite size teachings.  Find out what's in the Book for yourself.  With CORE, Truth jumps off the pages into your life!

The key = to read and UNDERSTAND the Bible, for the whole family.  CORE is our primary course, with 100 dynamic teachings for the new or advanced student.


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Christian? Think you know what's in the Bible? Able to document where and why you believe things? Or do you take someone else's word for it?  Enlighten your eyes!


CORE is for Any Person Anywhere Anytime

Lerarn How to Read and Understand the Bible 24-7-365 at Your Own Pace

100 Mini Teachings

Each segment in CORE averages 14m24s in length, perfect for bite size teachings daily.

24 Hours of Content

Dynamic audio content, to be enjoyed at home or on the road, with computer or mobile device. 

On Mobile Devices

Utilize the free Kajabi app and listen to the entire course at your own pace, with Android or iPhone.

136 Page Syllabus

Included: interactive notes on all 100 segments, scripture index, maps, guides, next steps, more.

Frequently Asked Questions

CORE is T4's flagship product, a 24 hour self-paced course with dynamic audio content on how to read and understand the Bible, for yourself and your family!!!

Listen on your mobile device or on a computer, any person anywhere anytime.  

- segment average length: 14m24s

- recorded live in Meridian, ID USA

- professionally edited and digitally mastered

- highest bit rate possible for MP3

- now presented via MP4 format with Kajabi platform

- entire course was on CD + flash drive, now exclusively digital

- 136 pg syllabus + activity guide accompany audio teachings

- English audio and print only

- 100 segments intended as group

- full copyright on T4 and CORE

- not for resale nor duplication

- multiple Bible versions utilized

- numerous sources cited/quoted

- adult oriented themes/content

- parental guidance required

- engaging sound effects

- compelling teachings

- fun, rewarding, effective!

Yes! After purchasing CORE, then dowload the free Kajabi app for your iPhone or Android mobile device.  Then use your email and password for CORE to gain access (email and password selected by you when you finish checkout).

Google Play (Kajabi App for Android)

App Store (Kajabi App for iPhone)

100 total segments.  Each averages under 15 minutes.  A total of exactly 24 hours of content, organized into 20 major topics with 5 teachings each, making 100 total.  Here are the 20 topics covered in the course:

God the Creator

Jesus the Christ

The Bible: Pure Excellence

Truth vs PC Culture

The Great Mystery

The Holy Spirit

Common Spiritual Genetics

Deceptions: Alive or Dead

4 Gospels: 1 Story

Trinity: Truth or Tradition

Attitude of Victory

1 Gift: 9 Manifestations

Walking Spiritually

Evangelism: 3 Generations

Christian Clarifications

Religions: Contradicting the Truth

Health: God's Will 4 U

Prosperity: God's Will 4 U

Pick Your Path to Prevail

Doers of the Word

If you listen to one segment a day, it will take just over 3 months.  If you listen to 2 segments per day, under 2 months.  Many students devour the teachings and finish CORE for the first time within a month! (Most students listen to CORE again every year.  The value will last a lifetime, for as long as you have a desire to master the ability to read and UNDERSTAND God's Word!)

CORE when first released originally cost $250, and was a fantastic bargain.  Then once we made the content digital, no longer needing 20 CDS, nor thumb drives or a printed syllabus, the cost went down to only $100.  That's where it is still today.  We want the maximum number of people to take the course!  Money aside, how much is it worth to learn how to read and UNDERSTAND the Bible?  We think it's priceless!  You decide!

Every ministry functions as a business in some way.  Like many new ministries across the last decade, T4 is a "FOR profit" ministry, a choice we made as business, to be viewed with that kind of tax status so that we are not limited by the government’s regulations toward non-profits.  Thus, we are not a 501(c)3 company.  That's all it is, is a tax status.  Yet we help and serve people as a ministry, with God involved at the center, even though not labeled on tax documents as a "non-profit".  In this way we believe we can reach more people.  And we dodge a dangerous trend in our country, of increasing and troubling regulations on non-profits.

Our flagship product is CORE, and we earn money accordingly.  By summer 2024, we expect to release the next installment in the T4 Series, entitled “Explore”.  It will be specially designed for children, to be the compliment of CORE.  We have this and many other ongoing projects.  So, it’s true we are growing!  Thank your for your love, prayers and support.  We are all in this together to spread the TRUTH faster than the world can spread lies.  Although the course we offer is now free, with no financial obligation ever, running this ministry is not without major costs.  Please consider contributing, especially after enjoying the Word of God we teach.  Giving money should not be done just to get a tax break from the government, but rather is to be done as a sincere gift from the heart. 

Contribute to T4

CORE is designed for the whole family.  It is an adult oriented class, but excellent for children too if dads and moms give parental guidance and go through the course with the children.  Some parents listen to segments first, then go through with children.  Some listen together.  Spiritual matters can be deep and parents must be diligent to follow up with kids, to answer questions and reinforce the teachings.  EVERYONE needs God's Word and it is never too early to start learning. 

Humans have been wrestling over the interpretation of the Bible since the beginning.  However, CORE is not based on opinions, rather on unbiased information.  The evidence is set before you so you can decide for yourself what to believe. Some may disagree on certain details, which is totally fine.  If you believe that a given topic in CORE is wrongly or inaccurately taught, it will still be helpful for you to hear it, here's why: consider an alternate  point of view.  It may cause you to change your mind OR strengthen your traditional belief on the topic.  Either way is a win. Most students tell us that the teachings are very compelling and that they are super blessed for taking the course!

CORE is not designed to be a cookie cutter mainstream product, not in the sense of blindly following doctrines from Christendom which are assumed to be true.  Rather, on the contrary, in marvelous fashion CORE highlights numerous assumptions and beliefs suggested to be in the Bible, then presents to the audience what the Bible actually has to say on each topic, giving each person the maximum opportunity to be informed.  Thus, with such information you can choose your beliefs confidently!  Plus, if you have a specific detail on a given segment that needs to be corrected, please reach out to us with the segment number and your clarification.  Nobody is perfect.  No Bible course is perfect.  Only God's Word is perfect.  The key to the class is to teach you how to read and understand it for yourself, not to suggest different doctrines people must believe.  Haters are gonna hate anyway.  It's the world we live in!  The planet is full of billions of people, but only a few million know any of this stuff!  Learn awesome truths in the Bible, many of which you didn't know were even in there!

"T4" comes from the the word "transform".  That's why our website is T4FamilyCenter.com (aka "The Transformation Family Center").  Transformation is a change for the better, a life-changing adjustment of epic proportions, a metamorphosis.  To go from bad to good, from mediocre to legendary, from hopeless to confident, from sick to healthy, from broke to prosperous, depressed to joyful, legalism to freedom, chaos to peace, blind to enlightened.  The old is gone, the new is here.  One day the world is pushing you around and you are defeated at every turn, the next day you are taking guidance from Almighty God to avoid trouble and you're a champion in all you do.  The Bible teaches this.  T4 is not perfect, nor is any person still on the planet.  (Jesus is in heaven right now, but he's coming back!)

Complete CORE, and then build upon it further. T4 materials are never meant to be your exclusive source of learning, but with them, your eyes will be opened and you can know with skill and confidence what else to add to your learning.  We teach things that you just can't find in most churches, things you wish someone else would have told you by now.  Thing is, they probably don't know either.  Even if they did, why haven't you been shown this awesome information yet?  Discover for yourself. Add this to your biblical diet whether you go to any church or not.  Upgrade your personal biblical education!

"T4 and all our products including CORE, are exclusive and independent, NOT associated to any particular church, neither any denomination, nor any ministry of any kind.  You could say the point of view from which the materials are made is from a NONDENOMINATIONAL perspective, and it had to be.  The body of Christ, as it stands today, and many others joining the family of God, are coming from hugely diverse backgrounds and beliefs.  Therefore, we do NOT try to convince anyone of anything, but rather let the Bible speak for itself, presenting information to you so you can decide on any topic what you want to believe.  In this style, it's very fun and interesting and non-preachy.  We just present it with all our passion and enthusiasm.

Despite positive accolades or negative criticism, or what people think of me as a human being and my fallibility, or of my staff, or the imperfections of this class, since no class is perfect (only God's Word is perfect!), thank you for giving us the benefit of the doubt.  CORE is a life changing Bible course and we are grateful to all who embark on this one of a kind learning adventure with us!  

Taking on this huge project was not easy. It is a work of love, spanning over many, many years.  The way we chose to lay out this course is based on much prayer and consideration, and indeed the Lord guiding us through each step. You could say that God endorsed this class, despite the flaws and failures of us humans involved in making it.  Human frailty is evident any time any person speaks, especially about such a grand subject as the Word of God.  Yet this is true for all of God's people who share the gospel, who teach others.  God's answer to those who reject the messengers, is simply that people are rejecting NOT the messengers, but rejecting instead the One that sent them.   

God worked in us to make this class.  God's inspiration is evident when you listen to the teachings.  No single person could have put together such an awesome class without the help of lots of people and God behind it all.  That is exactly how it happened -- lots of people and God most of all.  This is true of ANY other product in the world that helps people read and understand the Bible.  If God is behind it, it will flourish and reach many hungry students.  If God is not behind it, then it will flop and it will not make a positive difference in the lives of many people.  Judge it yourself.  Decide for yourself.  Can you find something else in the Bible teaching and learning space that fills this critical niche?  We couldn't. That's why this class was made. Let's go far and fast with God together!"

-- Steve Nelson 



...all people, young and old, who are sick of religion and tired of confusion, who simply crave to understand the Scripture, who want to know the True God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  To those who are resolved to never again blindly follow others, may your eyes be ENLIGHTENED.

With a little guidance, you can build a rock-solid foundation to read and finally make sense of God’s Word for yourself, then LIVE IT with victorious passion.  Take this knowledge and help many others with it.  The harvest is plenteous!


…my extraordinary children, who have been my INSPIRATION for T4, in an effort to leave a legacy of Truth for them and future generations.  Keep on wearing those smiles of joy as you learn.

Kids, I love you; I am so proud of you; and I know God has called you to BIG and AMAZING things. You can take it further than I did. Never ever let your enthusiasm for God fade. And always remember, our big brother is comin’ back!

CORE is an outstanding option for any family, with or without children.  Adults need to understand the Bible, then the children will always follow the dads and moms.  Why would a child be interested in anything that the parent isn't also interested in?  Singles, couples, with kids or not, CORE is for EVERYONE.

Regarding families with children, CORE provides an ideal option for parents and the kids.  With such a robust curriculum, this can be part of a DAILY routine for children in any of these scenarios:  before school, on way to school, at home if home schooled, on way home from school, or after school.  Any time is always a good time to get into the Bible.

CORE moves from one topic to the next in a very systematic, logical order.  Each group of 5 teachings is built around one topic.  For example, the very first five teachings of the whole class cover 5 qualities of God: loving, powerful, knowing, everywhere and eternal.  The next 5 teachings emphasize details about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  The course is taught in BITE-SIZE pieces, so that adults and kids can receive a nice consistent daily diet of spiritual nutrition for their minds.  Nobody will master everything taught day one.  Can anyone?  God's Word is deep and extraordinary, and it satisfies any level of hunger and interest.

We have explored the "vacation Bible" options in the world, and they just don't fulfill this need.  Some of them have some good content, but it is simply too little and not designed for the long term.  Also, these Bible learning options that you find in the stores or online are so expensive and do not have what people need anyway, which is a guide to read and understand the Bible for yourself.  Getting a nice feel good message will encourage you only temporarily, and this has its place at times, BUT... God's people need more than a pat on the back.  God's people need more than being handed a fish.  Learn how to fish for yourself, and make sure your other family members develop this critical skill too -- reading and UNDERSTANDING the Bible!

CORE has 100 TEACHINGS averaging nearly 15 minutes each.

Included are all 100 major teachings and all the corresponding materials in the syllabus.

T4 does not have any "guaranteed" revenue to support our many costs for the work of the ministry.  With the course only costing $100, many people contribute AFTER THE FACT, beyond the minimum cost of the course.  Contributions therefore have become the primary revenue means by which we cover costs to support the ongoing work of the ministry.

Nothing in life is for free.  It always costs somebody something at some point.  For example, our salvation cost Jesus Christ his life.  Similarly, T4 CORE cost a tremendous amount of time, work and money by many people.  You're welcome haha.  It was our privilege and joy to give in this way.  How will you respond in thanks for the Word you learn from CORE?

We hope you get mightily blessed from the teachings, whether you "donate" a penny ever or not beyond the cost of the course, or contribute in a long term way via tithing or not.  We are deeply grateful to those who respond with meaningful financial action to grow this ministry with us.  Times are hard, but God has not left us hanging yet.  And He never will.  The laborer is worthy of his hire, the Bible says.  We trust God to inspire giving, if one time contributions, or in tithes or in funding of new projects.  May the understanding of the Word of God grow by any means possible and God bless you all!


When first released in 2017, CORE was only available in CD and thumb drive format only.  We sold out!  We have since upgraded the platform to enable users to access the material digitally, starting October 2020.  Now more people than ever before can experience CORE.  Any person can learn anywhere anytime!


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