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CORE first started at $250!

Many things have changed, but now we are giving it to people for free.  Crazy huh?  God is good and He wants people to know His Word.

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This ministry continues to thrive because of God's people and the sincere gifts from the heart.  Financial giving makes it all possible.

This course is one of a kind!

People assume they know about the fantastic things in the Bible.  Yet, what it says is different and better than what tradition teaches.


“T4 has blown my mind. Fun. Inspiring. I'm excited to read the Bible again!”


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Introducing T4's Most Popular Digital Product - CORE

For the first time ever, any person anywhere anytime can learn to read and understand the Bible .  Join us on this learning adventure.  Access CORE Curriculum at no cost (with purchase of board game "Noah's Ark" you get a free coupon code).  No credit card required.

Find out for yourself if T4 is for you.  Here's what you will need:  a few minutes of time, your open ears and a humble heart.  Get blessed by God's Word today.

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Understanding the Bible is Like Putting a Puzzle Together.

We Can Show You How!

Can You Spare 1% of Your Day?  That's Only 14 minutes 24 seconds!

Get Spiritually Strong with CORE


“I love the simplicity of CORE. Every lesson is broken down in easy-to-understand lingo. You don't need a theology degree to understand God's Word.”


“This whole T4 course has opened my eyes to the depths of  the Bible.  It used to be a bit confusing, but no longer.  Now I feel like I'm understanding it when I read!”


“CORE gave me the confidence to seek the Word of God in a way that was comfortable and at my own pace. I think CORE will give anyone else confidence too!"

Power at Your Fingertips to Finally Get Smart on the Bible.  TODAY is the day!

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God's Word Still Thrives Here in Our Country!

At least in the lives of people that read and UNDERSTAND the Bible, then choose to live it.  Make the decision to stop merely playing church on Sunday mornings.  Make God's Word part of your life daily.  Learn how to make sense of the Scripture faster and better than you thought possible.  Check it out!

God Gave You TWO Ears and ONE Mouth. Listen and Learn. You Can Do It!

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“I used to think there were a lot of contradictions in the Bible. Holy cow, was I wrong! Listening to Steve helped fit the puzzle pieces together and now it makes sense to me. I'm so thankful for T4!”


“I bought the T4 compact discs and thumb drive and really enjoyed it, but I couldn't listen away from home due to my CD player. This year with the new T4 app, I just grab my phone and get into it after my prayers.”


“The Bible used to intimidate me so I avoided it. Now I know, it's just because I didn't understand it. As I've gone through this course, Steve's teachings made me feel so much stronger.  I love the Bible now!”

What are you waiting for? Make a Wise Decision to Understand the Bible.

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