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How to Never Understand the Bible

This "course" listing is not a real course, but listed in our store as a playful reminder of what NOT to do, "never understand the Bible".  But the reality is, most people are already taking this course (figuratively speaking) and they don't even know it!  They are already experts at never understanding the Bible.  By taking CORE, you can retrain your mind to better understand the Bible, not remain in the dark

Here's what you'll get if you never put effort or time or money into reading and UNDERSTANDING the Bible:

  • nothing
  • loss of time
  • disappointing to God
  • letting yourself down
  • wasted potential
  • confused about life
  • believing lies from world
  • fear, defeat, mediocrity at best
  • thinking you are on right path
  • false confidence
  • no answers
  • no power

Therefore, go purchase CORE!

T4 might or not be for you, that's up to each person to decide.  But one thing is true, every person should do something, put some kind of effort, into reading and understanding the Bible.  If you think you have a better way than using T4's resources, good for you.  Go make the most of it!  But we believe our course is strong and it can help you.  It already has helped many people.  No matter what you decide, make a decision and run far and fast with God.