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$250 - T4 Contribution




TERMS and CONDITIONS - Updated November 25, 2020

* To understand more about T4 and why operating as a "for profit" ministry, and the many practical advantages therein, see "Frequently Asked Questions" on the Home Page.

T4 Promise to Contributors:

"As the founder and primary Bible teacher in T4, I promise to continue to diligently pursue teaching the truths of the Bible to willing students. The primary need is to find time.  Money helps me get to that time so I don't have to be pulled away from T4.  By dividing so much time away from T4 over the years, in order to financially provide for my family, I have worked hard in secular endeavors, yet as a result of this, T4 has only inched along.  But we have been faithful, daily, for years, and have finally reached new milestones! We are now at a new unprecedented level of growth with our awesome course, CORE, now digital.  There is much more work to be done.  We have more products, more ways, to help God's people learn the Bible.  I thank you for believing in me and our ministry.  I represent many people among our ranks in T4.  Together, with your financial help and your prayerful support, we can realize our mutual dreams to bring incredible UNDERSTANDING of the Bible to many more hungry people, which sadly is so lost in most churches and among most Christians.  I don't know what the future holds, but I do know who holds the future.  Thank you."  -- Steve Nelson

Rights of Contributor:

1. To enquire and gain a detailed written account of financial standings of T4, via email, on a quarterly basis, for up to one full year after my contribution.

2. Lifetime access to T4 CORE on the Kajabi platform, for as long as T4 continues to offer this product in this manner.  Exceptions which allow T4 to end member account include:

a) local, state or federal illegal activity based on laws of the United States of America.

b) other troubling mischief discovered that disrupts the ability of other students to learn.

c) if T4 ever chooses to discontinue the FREE offerings for any reason, or to close services due to financial necessity or otherwise.

3.  Lifetime access to EXPLORE on the Kajabi platform, when EXPLORE is completed and released publicly, at the full conclusion as the next course installment after CORE.

Privileges of Contributor:

1.  By freewill choice, to pray for Steve Nelson, other T4 Staff, and all related needs of the T4 ministry, perhaps on a weekly basis, and to do so for at least one year following the date of contribution.

2. On a voluntary basis, to offer constructive feedback, encouragement, fresh ideas, suggestions and any resources which can help T4 grow up to and including further financial contributions on a regular schedule.

3. Neither #1 nor #2 of "privileges" listed above, no matter if actions taken or not, affects the separate and unwavering "rights" of contributor in any way.