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T4 CORE - Fully Loaded Kit

NOTE: to get CORE for 100% free, simply email us ([email protected]) to get the coupon code.  Available to anyone, anytime anywhere in the world.  Otherwise, CORE is $100.

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What You'll Get With CORE:

  • One T4 Account, with Password Protected Personal Library, Progress Saving and Tracking Functions
  • Access to all 100 Teachings, 24 Hours of Audio Content on Computer or Mobile Device, Anytime Anywhere (*Internet Access Required, Android or iPhone Compatible)
  • Full Inventory of T4's CORE related videos, assessments and all new downloads related to course to be accessed 24-7-365
  • 136 Pg Syllabus w/ Scripture Index, Appendix w/ Maps, Dictionary and Concordance Instruction, Reading Guide, Life Goals, Decision Making Flowchart, Art, Music, Family Multi-Generational Guide & More, plus Notes on all 100 Segments
  • T4 Customer Support & Service for CORE (during normal business hours 8a-5p Mon-Sat MT)
  • NOTE: Testimonials Listed Below After Terms and Conditions




TERMS and CONDITIONS - Updated March 8, 2021

* All digital content sales are final and thus binding indefinitely without refund.  (T4 CORE is FREE with coupon code)  Only in event of physical health impairment or extreme inability to utilize account, then and only then account may be transferred to another person to enjoy for the remaining balance of term, with zero monetary exchange of any kind required or expected by either party of customer or T4.  May cancel at any time.  At the sole discretion of T4, if for any reason T4 chooses, accounts may be closed at any time without notice due to:

a) local, state or federal illegal activity based on laws of the United States of America.

b) other troubling mischief discovered that disrupts the ability of other students to learn.

c) if T4 ever chooses to discontinue the FREE offerings for any reason, or to close services due to financial necessity or otherwise.

* Social interactivity for members is not guaranteed.  The primary purpose of T4 is to learn, not socialize.  Notwithstanding, social opportunity may abound as a positive byproduct. Conduct therefore, in the T4 community, is a responsibility and privilege as it is growing significantly and many new features are coming to allow students to interact in a safe, fun and beneficial way. If comments by members become unreasonably inappropriate, T4 may mute that member's ability to post comments or interact with other students.  Events organized by T4 may provide social opportunity to connect together with other students within the T4 Community.  At no time will T4 share information about one student to another, without permission. 

* T4 cannot guarantee usage for every mobile device, if extended technical difficulty due to specific device malfunctions or issues with service provider. (the app is only 22MB and simply requires Android 5.0 and up or iOS 12.0 or later; it should work fine in most instances)

* CORE related content is subject to change, including audio and video materials, assessments and downloads, via upgrades or changes or brand new content by T4.

* T4 reserves the right to communicate with members and customers.  Our standard of communication is one email per month.  We don't spam, nor do we excessively solicitate.  Exceptions are necessary at times for more than one email per month, especially if upgrades, technical changes, issues with logins or product access, or any other time critical issue occurs or important information needs to be shared at the discretion of T4.  Opting out, especially for those with free products, risks loss of of T4 account access by any member or customer at any time, at the sole discretion of T4.

* The unauthorized reproduction or distribution of a copyrighted work is illegal. Criminal copyright infringement, including infringement without monetary gain, is investigated by the FBI and is punishable by up to five years in federal prison and a fine of $250,000.

* All T4 products intended for personal enjoyment and learning, not to exceed one person per T4 Account, unless with the family package with allows for each person at the same residence to get a T4 Account, children included.  If multiple people want CORE, and if at different residences, they cannot use the same T4 account.  In such conditions, please contact us about number of accounts wanted and T4 will consider special discounts to purchase multiple T4 Kits, even for people in different homes.

* CORE and Other T4 Products are intended for individuals to enjoy and learn, never intended for re-sale, nor commercial or public distribution.  Except brief quotes utilized in public reviews, no part of this publication nor any part of audio or visual content may be reproduced or copied in any form, physical or electronic, without prior written permission from T4. 

* © 2015-2021 T4 All Rights Reserved

What People Are Saying:

T4 has blown my mind! It's gotten me excited to read the Bible again!


I love the simplicity of this course. Every lesson is broken down in easy-to-understand lingo. You don't have to have a degree in theology to learn, understand and speak the Word of God.


I used to think there were a lot of contradictions in the Bible. Holy cow, was I wrong! Listening to Steve explain translations, errors and the Greek and Hebrew meanings just made sense to me. Because of T4, I am branching out and learning how to go deeper into the Word of God.


There is tremendous detail and perfection in God's Word! T4 has helped show me how wonderfully it fits together.


I enjoy listening to T4 on my way to work everyday. What a nice way to start each day.


With T4 on my phone, it has made it so easy. I am loving this Bible study to start my mornings and I highly recommend it!


It's great how short the lessons are. It doesn't have to take a long time to learn something new.


This whole T4 course has really opened my eyes to the depths of God's Word. I felt the Bible used to be a bit confusing to read but now I feel like I'm actually understanding it!


CORE gave me the confidence to seek the Word of God in a way that was comfortable and at my own pace, in order to have a better understanding of the Word. CORE will give you the confidence in understanding the Word of God


If you are looking to understand the Word of God without religious influences, I would recommend CORE by T4. Before discovering CORE, I had never read the Bible, it was overwhelming. With CORE's structure of small segments and syllabus, reading the Bible became less intimidating and easy to understand.


The Bible used to intimidate me so I tended to avoid it. Now I know, it's just because I didn't fully understand what I was reading. As I've gone through this course, I've slowly started building that knowledge and now I feel so much stronger.


I bought the T4 compact discs and thumb drive and really enjoyed studying the Bible, but I had issues where could I use the CD, had to replace the CD player, etc. This year with the new T4 app, I just pull out my phone and I love getting into it after my prayers.