Checkout Help


* To get CORE for free and to eliminate need for credit card, make sure you inserted the correct coupon code "GENESIS". 

** NOTE: if the checkout form is giving you trouble once you add an email to the form, with the system thinking you "already have an account" (likely since you bought a different T4 product previously, were part of a free trial, or had emails from us in any way), here is the solution:

1.  First "log in" to your T4 account with your email and password.

2.  Then go to your "Store" page and then click on the product you wish to buy.  It will automatically take you to the checkout for this new product and it should work fine.  By doing it this way, the system will correctly sync your email and password to the checkout and you can easily proceed with payment of the new product, then add the new product to your "library", joining your other T4 products already purchased.

For example, if you were part of a T4 FREE Trial, then you decide like most people to eventually purchase the full kit of T4 CORE, this technical glitch may have happened to you.

Thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through technical details in this world.  But, it is all worth it, so that we can get to the real treasure, to learn how to read and understand the Bible anywhere anytime!

If you are still having issues with this or anything else to do with checkout, simply email us and we will resolve it here on our end quickly for you.

For any service or support issue you still need help with: [email protected]

God bless you.

The T4 Team