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Escape Meridian

2024 UPDATE: due to the grand release of our new board game "Noah's Ark: The Journey" and other products, we have paused our digital game room experience.  This may resume in 2025.  At that time, we should be accepting reservations, up to 8 participants per group.  Once things go live again, only 1 person out of the group needs to sign up to get started.  Simply coordinate a time with your group to do the escape room, based on the options available at checkout.  Your time window will expire after 48 hours of your start time.  The best experience is on a browser.

Any questions about our escape rooms, in participating or helping build them, please contact us at [email protected]

In addition to our fun escape rooms, we invite you to check out our Bible course, called "CORE".

Enjoy and God bless you!